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Hirokazu Toda has caught the eye of for some time now. The mystical play of light and shadows give the viewer an instant clue that the image is one of Hirokazu’s. Hirokazu is a loyal participant of our photo group, and is often featured on the FB fan page. Hello, Hirokazu, tell us your story and background.

Hirokazu: I am a street photographer and shooting Tokyo. Once I traveled Asia for a few years to record life of people. I did not take pictures for a long time but flickr let me return to photography world again. Why do you like photography?

Hirokazu: I like watching beautiful facial expressions and beautiful relationships of people so I want to record to share them. And if it’s possible, I hope my photos will be useful for the world or somebody someday.

Just my imagination. What was your first camera?

Hirokazu: I forgot my first camera but I can tell that it was a Nikon FM2 that I bought when I was in my twenties. This camera is full manual and it taught me most of photography knowledge that I have now.

I love to play with light and shadow, a great mystery. What is it about photography that you love?

Hirokazu: I like shooting positive daily life of people even though it’s not anything special. If it is not decisive moment, they are shining like gems. Hirokazu, do you have any projects that you are working on?

Hirokazu: I don’t have any projects in particular but I try to shoot various aspects of world. I take simple portraits too. It’s not candid. I hope I will take the documentary in the future. How do you describe your photographic style?

Hirokazu: My style is nothing particular. I want to take all kinds of pictures if possible and I try not to think anything while shooting so it may be “instinctive” style.

New experiment of shooting with flash at night. Do you have mentor?

Hirokazu: I did not have any mentors and I did not even go to photography school. My cameras and streets may be my mentors. Do you have favorite photograpersh in particular?

Hirokazu: My favorite photographers are Ihe Kimura, Shinya Fujiwara, Mika Ninagawa and Martin Parr so I like their work.

From photos on Flickr.

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