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SP.CO is very honored today to feature World Member Takashi Tachi. Takashi has a very energetic style of photography with a brilliant sense of composition and color. Hello, Takashi, tell us your story and background, and a bit more about what you do for work.

Takashi: My name is Takashi Tachi. I am 60-years-old and I live in Osaka that is the 2nd biggest city in Japan. My occupation is a local official and I work in agricultural policy. It is not like I have been doing work related to the camera and photograph full time. Why do you like photography?

Takashi: It is very pleasant to create something. For example, painting, designing and making the tables and chairs of wood. For me, it was photography that made me realize the joy of creating something. So I enjoy photography as a partner who will enrich my life.

The taxi located in a line at the station front. A surrounding building is reflected to a roof. And there is Taxi Driver who seems to be tedious. This is the usual scenery in front of a station. What was your first camera? How old were you?

Takashi: The first camera was Canon EX-EE. It was a single-lens reflex camera. Of course, it was a film camera. When I was 15, Japan World Exposition was held in Osaka. I wanted to record the exposition venue, the pavilion of an interesting form with many tourists, so I bought it from my father. What is it about street photography that you love?

Takashi: There are many subjects to take a photograph, but subject to take in the street is always in motion. The city changes from moment to moment. Then, release the shutter when I feel that it’s a chance. Nice work is born when the light and shadow, facial expression, and movement of people are mixed well in the viewfinder. I think that the street photograph specifically has such character. I continue to take the street photo because I want to take the moment.

A light in the evening strikes upon the window of a building. The reflected light has produced many shadows on the white wall. I am pleased with the balance of light and a shadow. Takashi, do you have any projects that you are working on?

Takashi: No! I have no new project. I am tackling the street photography with some themes. For example, it is scenery with a crossing, a station, light and shadow or a newspaper. And I think in particular that I will take firmly the city I live in now. I want to continue street photography around this theme for the immediate future. Do you have a mentor?

Takashi: I have not received instruction from a specific photographer until now. For photos, I have learned from the collection of works and camera magazines. However, I was attracted to several Japanese photographers’ work. Kineo Kuwabara, Nobuyoshi Araki and Mitsugu Onisi are the photographers to whom I was attracted.

At Hankyu Umeda Station in Osaka During the morning hours she calls standing still in the people who rush to work. Aim of this photo is ‘Static and Kinematic’ Do you have favorite photograph in particular?

Takashi: My favorite photograph is from Kineo Kuwahara’s work “Tokyo 1934-1993”. And I also like Nobuyoshi Araki’s work “Tokyo: A City Heading for Death”.

The afternoon of early summer. The big poster of the beauty parlor in front of a station. The light in May brightens a parasol. The girl of the yellow coat reflected in the window of a beauty parlor is also beautiful.

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